Home Security Check

It's a good idea to never assume that just because your home is well-lit, it'll be safe from burglars. The truth is thieves have been known to use lights as an opportunity to survey a property before entering it and taking advantage of the darkness. In order to make sure your home or apartment is safer, review these five ways you can increase security.

1. Motion Sensor Lights

These lights activate when there is movement in the area, alerting homeowners that something suspicious is happening outside their home or inside it. Thieves are less likely to break into homes that have motion sensor lights that go off during their intrusion because they do not want to deal with the consequences that come along with them.

2. A Surveillance System

Surveillance systems set up around a home or apartment can hopefully deter ill-meaning strangers from coming near it because of the threat of being caught on camera and not having an alibi if they are somehow identified. If you don't want to invest in a whole-home surveillance system, you can place a camera near your front door and even one in the back yard to monitor suspicious activity and call the police if necessary.

Home Security Check

3. Secure Your Windows

Many burglars gain easy access through windows so it's important to secure them with locks or alarms that will notify residents of someone trying to break into their home. You can also install window film that will prevent glass from shattering and preventing burglars from entering.

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4. Know What to Look Out For

Keep an eye out for warning signs that someone may be trying to break into your home or apartment, including the following: 

  • Suspicious strangers around the neighborhood. Make it a point to know who lives around you and what their schedules are so if someone shows up out of place, you can call the police right away. Thieves may also trick children into telling them if their parents are home or not, so be sure to keep your kids safe as well.
  • Sightings of strange vehicles in the area where you live, especially if the vehicles are parked at odd times without reason. Make note of any cars that seem out of place so you can later use your memory to accurately describe them if you have to contact the authorities. 
  • Other houses in your neighborhood that are broken into. If you see one house is broken into, there's a chance the burglars could be coming for others too.

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5. Know Your Neighbors

Having a strong relationship with your neighbors is one of the best deterrents against burglaries. The more you know about one another and the better you can trust each other, the safer your community will be. Working together to take care of a neighborhood and watching out for each other's homes creates a sense of comfort that prevents burglars from thinking they can get away with stealing anything.

The world we live in today is filled with countless opportunities for criminals to take advantage of the darkness and our ignorance. But implementing a few security measures around your home can make all the difference in deterring thieves from entering and making you feel safe.

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